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The function of self-adhesive labeling of the automatic CNC machine

Release date:2021-04-27 16:17:40 Visits:339

The self-adhesive label has the advantages of no brushing, no paste, no dipping, no pollution, saving labeling time, etc. It has a wide range of applications and convenient for quick outcome. All kinds of self-adhesive labels can be applied to materials except ordinary paper labels. It can be said that self-adhesive labels are a kind of universal label. This kind of universal label is not only clean and tidy on the product packaging, but also has an obvious effect in improving the added value of product. A mineral water client of Mingkong Automation took the lead in using self-adhesive label machine for labeling  mineral water outer package in its local tourist area. The result was unexpected. This kind of mineral water monopolized the local high-end tourist hotels and leisure drinking water in entertainment venues. The price is quite expensive, and it is more expensive than oil. Under normal circumstances, small and medium-sized enterprises have a lot of complaints about the high cost of self-adhesive labels. They use familiar paste labels. Self-adhesive labels are indeed expensive, and some sell for a dollar. This benevolent differs on each other, but Zhongguan Automation believes that it should be tried on the premise that the added value of  product can be increased. If the cost of this added value increase is still not as good as the original realization of your product, this need not be considered.