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What is a fully automatic CNC drilling machine?

Release date:2021-04-27 16:18:11 Visits:377

The automatic CNC drilling machine uses a DC servo motor as the drive motor, and a current sensor is installed at the front end of the DC servo motor input terminal. It is used to detect the current intensity of input drive motor to determine the force of drive motor and further determine the wire The size of the resistance to the attack, one tooth pitch is converted into multiple digital pulses to ensure its accuracy.

1. The multifunctional automatic CNC drilling machine can form multiple holes of arbitrary shape on the pipe of arbitrary specifications and arbitrary materials at one time. The wall of the pipe can be arbitrary thickness and can be adjusted arbitrarily.
2. High precision: The drilling machine is controlled by the machine numerical control program, and process flat and accurate hole shape.
3. Easy to operate: The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer, which is easy to operate and learn.
4. High efficiency: The equipment can meet the requirement is of a large number of holes per unit time, and its efficiency is much higher than traditional punching machines.
5. Low cost: The cutting tool of fully automatic CNC drilling machine has low energy consumption, and the automatic operation saves a lot of manpower, and   cost of pipe processing greatly reduced.

Fully automatic CNC drilling machine is one of the most advanced automatic punching equipment in the industry. It has multiple functions, high precision, and low cost, which brings convenience to pipe processing and essential in the modern processing industry.