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Main characteristics and specifications of automatic CNC drilling machine

Release date:2021-04-27 16:18:50 Visits:327

The main characteristic specifications of fully automatic CNC drilling machine should be selected according to determined typical work piece processing size range. The main specifications of the CNC drilling machine are stroke range of multiple CNC axes and the power of the spindle motor. The three basic linear coordinate (X, Y, Z) strokes of machine tool reflect the processing space allowed by the machine tool. The two coordinates X and Z in the lathe reflect the size of allowable rotor. Generally, the contour size of  machined parts should be in machining space of  machine tool. It is necessary to consider the space required to install the fixture and choose a larger work surface than the typical work piece. Moreover, size of working surface basically determines the size of  processing space.

On the same type of machine tool, main motor power of fully automatic CNC drilling machine can also have different configurations, which reflects the cutting rigidity and high-speed performance of spindle.

The power of spindle motor reflects cutting efficiency of machine tool, and reflects cutting rigidity and overall rigidity of  machine tool from other side.

In addition, when a large number of low-speed machining is performed on a typical work piece, the low-speed output torque of  machine must be checked.

In short, before making a large investment (such as buying a fully automatic CNC drilling machine), you should consider all factors and seek expert opinions before taking any measures.