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How to avoid the failure of the fully automatic CNC drilling machine?

Release date:2021-04-27 16:19:23 Visits:336

1.For the full-automatic CNC drilling machine that has been used for a long time, please try not to shut down the machine during the long vacation, and it can be stopped in an emergency.
2. Check the system fan regularly. If the fully automatic CNC drilling machine is contaminated by excessive oil, please replace or clean it.
3. Regularly check the hydraulic oil pressure, liquid level and hydraulic impurities in the hydraulic system to ensure a smooth oil circuit.
4. Regularly clean or lubricate devices equipped with springs, such as switches, knife arm springs and hydraulic valve springs.
5. Regularly clean the drive equipment according to the oil pollution.
6. Regularly replace the desiccant of the system battery and electrical cabinet, especially before the long holiday, do not forget this step.
7. After the holiday, before restarting, each circuit board to be heated manually, you can use a hair dryer to heat each circuit board for a few minutes, but the temperature is lower.

The automatic CNC drilling machine has a high degree of automation, with high precision, high efficiency, and strong adaptability. However, its high and low operating efficiency, equipment failure rate, long service life, etc. also largely depend on the proper usage and maintenance of users.Good working environment, proper usage and maintenance personnel not only greatly extend trouble-free working time, improve production efficiency, but also reduce the wear and tear of mechanical parts, avoid unnecessary errors, and greatly reduce the burden on maintenance personnel.