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The development trend of automatic drilling machines in the precision hardware industry

Release date:2021-04-27 16:20:36 Visits:343

For precision hardware accessories, both the error and process requirements are very strict, and the automatic drilling machine has always been known for its precision processing equipment, and its development prospects are naturally promising.

Automatic drilling machine refers to the general name of mechanical equipment that uses a hard drill bit and cutting head to leave a cylindrical hole or hole on the target. According to area wise,automatic drilling machine named differently. Some are called punching machine, drilling machine and so on. Considering  the development automatic drilling machine technology, has  reached peak point and achieved rapid development in research development area.
The following are the performance characteristics of the CNC automatic drilling machine

1. Fast repositioning, fast cutting speed and high production efficiency. The speed can reach 24000 rpm under the drive of high-speed motor. There is a CNC system to control the power head, and the placement of CNC programming allows the power head to operate according to the program. Convenient and concise.
2. The safety torsion collet ensures that the tap is less damaged, and there are two possibilities for the tap to break: one is because the tap is not stressed, that is, it is cheap to choose a tap with poor rigidity, and second one because the torque and accuracy are not enough. This will lead for the tap to break 
3. Continuous taps through holes and blind holes, high precision of drilling and tapping. Regarding the size and depth of the aperture, the servo motor has low power but high accuracy and durability. This reflects the preference of CNC drilling machines for small machining parts and small holes and shallow holes. The degree of accuracy also depends on the rationality of the design model and the craftsmanship of the parts.
4. There is no need for tooling and fixtures for heavier work pieces. This is not realistic for numerical control equipment, but it is feasible for some radial drills, electric tapping machines, etc. The purpose of numerical control equipment is to improve efficiency and accuracy. Without fixtures, some moving images will still appear error.
5. Simple operation and low work intensity. Numerical control equipment does not require many personnel, and novices can perform simple operations and realize the automatic operation in multiple machines, which also reduces the labor costs and increase work efficiency.
The application of automatic drilling machine in precision hardware is mainly in the field of mechanical drilling, processing molds, watchbands, jewelry and other industries. In addition, automatic drilling machines are also widely used in rail transit, aerospace, construction, new energy vehicles, smart furniture and other industries, and have bright future!