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What aspects should be pay attention when maintaining the CNC drilling machine?

Release date:2021-04-27 16:21:12 Visits:354

As far as machine is concerned, there will be wear and tear while it using and need to maintain it well. What aspects should be pay attention when maintaining the CNC automatic drilling machine?
One.Environmental condition of large-scale CNC drills: It is best for large-scale CNC drills to be placed in a constant temperature environment and away from equipment with large vibrations (such as punching machines) and equipment with electromagnetic interference.
two. Pay attention to train equipping operators, maintenance personnel and programmers
three. Large-scale CNC drills should have operating procedures: regular maintenance, and attention to record of failures to protect the site, etc.
four.  Large CNC drill should not be sealed for a long time
Fives. Power requirements
Rules for the use of CNC drilling machines:
1. Need more precise technology
Because of  large-scale production and processing, large-scale CNC drills require more sophisticated operations, which requires technically skilled workers to operate  large-scale CNC drills, so that they can perform the role of large-scale CNC drills.
 2. Increase in energy consumption
Since the purpose of a large-scale CNC drill is to produce a large number of parts, the machine consume more energy .Manufacturers who wish to install large-scale CNC drill machine, need to formulate detailed plan for energy consumption.