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Automatic screwing machine

Release date:2021-04-28 13:29:40 Visits:336

Automatic screwing machine

Detailed description

1. It saves labor, configures manipulators and turntables, feeds, detects, locks, and discharges synchronous operations. The equipment is automatically completed, reducing labor
2. High efficiency, which can replace multiple workers
3. Reduce the labor intensity of workers
4. PLC intelligent power control, simple operation, employees only need to place the workpiece
5. Accurate torque, convenient adjustment to ensure locking quality
6. Compared with the suction type, the blow type, the screw is directly delivered to the batch nozzle, saving the time of taking the screw back and forth

Composition and design description:
1. Structure composition: mainly composed of screw automatic conveying system, electrical control system, and locking system;
2. Product replacement: the jig can be replaced directly, and the shaft position is adjustable;
3. The cycle of locking a workpiece is about 3 seconds (the length of the screw is slightly different);
4. Locking screw is not provided: the sample automatic screw provided, the allowable size tolerance of the incoming material is 0.2mm;
5. Locked products: Customize equipment according to product samples provided by customers;
6. Fixture: According to the product design, it is placed in multiple rows and multiple rows, requiring precise positioning and simple and convenient positioning;
7. The product is not damaged during the use of the equipment;
8. Stability and reliability: Under the premise of qualified product quality, the equipment can work continuously every day, with low failure rate, and adapt to large-scale single product production;

Reasons for product purchase:
1. Lock multiple screws at the same time, which can replace multiple workers;
2. The machine has the highest cost performance, and the cost can be recovered within one year;
3. Manually only pick and place the product, the machine automatically locks the screw and can judge whether the screw is properly locked, the machine will give an alarm if there is a product that is not properly locked
4. The torque lock screws are transmitted through the universal rotating shaft, the direction of the screw holes is convenient to adjust, and the product replacement is easy;
5. Good versatility. Can manually set a certain electric screwdriver without locking screw;