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Automated inspection machine

Release date:2021-04-28 13:34:07 Visits:375

Automated inspection machine

Detailed description

Automated inspection machine
Online inspection will gradually become an indispensable and important link in automated production. The company has successfully developed online automatic inspection functions for different product inspection requirements, including inspection methods such as appearance, size, and error prevention.

On-line inspection is also an important means to judge whether the machining state of the machine tool is normal, and it can feed back the machining state in real time to avoid batch errors in automated machining.

The online detection system integrates robot network communication, industrial camera control, contact measurement tools, laser measurement sensors, image processing and other technologies. It can accurately determine material location information, distinguish product size information, and guide the robot manipulator to flexibly, accurately, and quickly load and unload in real time. Realize reliable detection, sorting, packaging and other functions. It has the characteristics of intelligence, digitization, automation, and high efficiency.

Measurement method: visual inspection technology (intelligent industrial camera inspection system)
Contact detection technology (intelligent touch pen detection system)
Laser detection technology (intelligent laser sensor detection system)

Detection range: judging the shape, distinguishing color, defect detection, whether the station is detected, measuring length, diameter, radius, angle, checking positioning, reading QR code, etc.;

Detection accuracy: According to the customer''''''''s test process requirements, the accuracy can reach 0.1MM-0.001MM

Applications: Widely used in automation equipment, automobiles, consumer goods, electronic products, food and beverage, logistics, pharmaceuticals, medical, semiconductor, solar energy and other industries.