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Machine tool loading and unloading truss manipulator

Release date:2021-04-28 13:49:21 Visits:373

Machine tool loading and unloading truss manipulator

Detailed description

The loading and unloading manipulators of truss machine tools can be divided into one empty one loading and unloading manipulator, one control two loading and unloading manipulators, and multiple linkage loading and unloading manipulators. According to customer needs, it can provide an integrated system of loading and unloading manipulators combined with CNC machine tools. It has a small footprint, short downtime, safety and practicality, high precision, and fast speed. It can realize the automatic grasping, negotiation, blanking, clamping and processing of the machine tool. Wait for the automation of all processes. It can greatly save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Application: machine tool processing of shafts, gears and parts

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